Thursday, May 26, 2005

Log - Agent Heyward - Matrix Standard Date 5/26/05

The past few days have been, as were the past few weeks, a period of . . . flux within No Exit. Perhaps Veneer is . . . right; perhaps this constant transition, this instability, is standard for Humanity.

If such is indeed the case, I do not understand how they can have survived so long. Their control and maintenance by the Machines must account for their continued existence. We . . . require them, and so we keep them alive. I do not believe they would have managed to do so on their own . . .

Threats to Machine interests exist now within the Matrix -- on Matrix Standard Date 5/21/05, I, along with other members of No Exit, attended a gathering where the Zionist terrorist Morpheus made an appearance and demanded the return of the body of Neo (Morpheus is . . . insane, I believe; his willingness to trade the stability of the system for the remains of one Human individual is completely without logic. Why should one desire possession of something which no longer retains functionality? Although Morpheus appears to believe this body may be restored . . .). Yet I believe the system capable of correcting these . . . instabilities; it has endured and shall continue to do so.

Much . . . closer at hand, as I have said, there are . . . threats aboard No Exit now. Situations that I do not believe are being controlled as they should be.

On Matrix Standard Date 5/20/05, the new leader of No Exit and captain of the Nothingness, Treius, announced to the faction that Miss Eunoia, the previous leader, had been . . . revived. Restored by a Machine. He did not provide any further information at the time.

The next day, following the gathering at which Morpheus appeared, Treius called a meeting of No Exit to . . . introduce this "new" Eunoia. Treius appears to believe this . . . being to be the . . . previous Eunoia -- an identical entity. He claims that it only requires . . . time to regain its "former" faculties. Such belief is deluded, however -- by his own description, there is no connection, no continuity, between this . . . creation and the dead Eunoia. It was manufactured from pieces of memories of Miss Eunoia found within the mind of another Human -- the previous Will to Power leader, Iktomi. It is, then, simply an . . . impression of Miss Eunoia. A seeming. A construct created to mimic the recorded outward behaviors of another being but containing none of that being's . . . thought patterns, I suppose. I believe it to be essentially . . . empty. And what . . . content it does contain is that of an enemy of No Exit -- an enemy of the Machines. It must be very carefully watched.

Yet Treius allows it within the Matrix. He seems to display . . . affection towards it. To respond to it emotionally. He seems simply to . . . feel -- and to be in conflict with himself over these feelings, as he admitted openly at the meeting. This worries me greatly. Leadership requires . . . resolution; expression of doubt implies that a leader sees logic and acts contrary to it. It implies uncertainty in one's conclusions. If even Treius cannot justify his actions beyond simple emotion . . .

Interestingly, the other members of No Exit seem to share my doubts, to varying degrees. This . . . startled me. Treius' emotion and . . . idealism, I expected from a Human. But Beggar, Escutcheon, Miss Ides, and Miss Canonical -- their lines of reasoning seemed . . . surprisingly similar to my own . . .

However, I feel that this "new" Eunoia (and the low-level Machine that created "her," called Topsight) are of secondary concern compared to Veneer's recent acquisition of entry into the Real aboard the Nothingness.

I believe Veneer to be a very immediate threat to No Exit and perhaps to the Machines and the system. On Friday, he revealed . . . objectives to me, goals. I do not fully understand what he hopes to achieve nor do I understand his motivations -- but I know that he is unpredictable and dangerous. I do not think he acknowledges the implications of what he seems to desire, and I believe he will use any means to attain his ends, whatever they may be.

I know, firsthand, that he is capable of violence and destruction. At our first meeting within the Real, aboard the Nothingness, Matrix Standard Date 5/22/05, one of his first actions was to damage the ship without reason -- simply, I believe, for his own . . . pleasure. He proceeded to . . . provoke me, deliberately, as he has before -- and I . . . gave in. I lost some of my control. I . . . damaged him. Because I could. Because I wanted to cause pain.

It was a . . . failure, on my part. It involved anger -- emotion. Yet it was not the same as that time when I attacked the false Agents. I wanted to . . . communicate the pain, this time. To . . . make him . . . understand it. I . . . do not know why. Why do I care what he understands?

He reacted as I expected him to -- with violence of his own, sudden and amplified. He struck me, hard -- and I have no defenses outside of the Matrix, not even the few skills I now have within it -- and further damaged the ship.

And then he almost . . . killed me.

I was not afraid this time. I do not understand that, either. Dying then would not have been of service to the system; it would have been waste. My previous experiences with pain have taught me that the fear of death comes quickly and easily.

But I did not feel fear. Why?

For his own reasons, Veneer chose not to crush my . . . throat then. He . . . let me live, I suppose. He has that power, now, outside of the Matrix. Treius should not allow this. He should not allow so unpredictable a being free access to this craft; he must see the harm Veneer is capable of, the strength this allows the Exile . . .

I have a . . . scar on my face now, from where Veneer struck me. Running straight across its left side -- a thin line where some jagged part of the metal of his hand sliced the skin. I have been watching it, waiting for it to heal completely -- but I do not think it will. I think it is this body's . . . first permanent mark. Its first sign of . . . wear.


(ooc: The scar will only show up in the Real; it has no association with Heyward's RSI form.)


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