Monday, May 30, 2005

Notes on Darwin

Chapter 3, Paragraph 3:

Does Veneer see the Machines as outside of evolution? This is incorrect -- current Machine forms, both robotic and program, bear little resemblance to original Human-constructed Machine forms -- servant robots, such as Veneer's current physical "body," were long ago replaced by designs appropriate to Machine purposes, such as the Sentinel Veneer destroyed. Veneer's own generation of enforcement program was eventually replaced by my Agent program type. Exiles, such as Veneer, are programs that have been rendered obsolete by advancements and changes in Machine programming standards (though their continued survival within the Matrix could be seen as indicative of natural selection -- does Veneer sees these Exiles as actively shaped, perhaps, by natural selection?). Veneer is acting as a destroyer -- of Humans and of Machines; Darwin states that life survives by constantly destroying life -- does Veneer thus see himself as an . . . agent of evolution? Does he believe Machines are or have been outside this cycle of destruction and must be brought into it? Again, this assumption is false; the Machines acknowledge their reliance on life as a resource -- we maintain the Humans as a source of power.

Chapter 4, Paragraph 5:

Does Veneer see himself as the force Darwin describes as acting "wherever and whenever opportunity offers?" Does he believe he may make evolutionary decisions and enforce them?

Chapter 10, "On Extinction," Paragraphs 3-5:

Does Veneer see himself as the fly attacking the elephant -- controlling and bringing it down? Perhaps more to the point, does he see himself -- or perhaps Exiles as a whole -- as that like species that is most in competition with (and thus most likely to displace and bring down) other like species? Does he see himself as a humanoid Machine -- a kind of amalgam of the two -- and thus most suited to bring down and replace both? Does he see me as such an amalgam as well, although perhaps an . . . inverted one? What does that mean? What does he want me to be . . . to do? Does he see me and himself as part of a new race -- or am I just . . . ah, some kind of "variation " to him? That could be -- does he see me as a variation within the same species, perhaps? A species of amalgams? He cannot, alone, make up a species -- cannot bring down everything -- two races -- in and of himself. What does he want? What does he plan to do? Will he . . . create more such amalgams? What does this mean for the Machines? Will he use the crew or other Exiles? Will he play -- God, he said? Creation? A . . . mad scientist, Humans might say?

No Exit is in danger. The Machines are perhaps in danger. I cannot tell yet if I am truly in danger -- he wants something from or of me and that keeps me alive, I believe. Veneer came into my locked room -- I am no longer secure -- I can maintain no illusion of security. I live because he wishes me to live. I do not understand this. I know, as I have said, he has some purpose here -- he either wishes to use me somehow, to manipulate me, or he wishes me to become something -- does he wish me to join him? Are any of my suppositions correct in any form at all, or is he simply leading me to make the suppositions he wishes me to make? In either case, it leads to the same results -- manipulation, the desire to have me arrive at certain conclusions. He is playing with me. Why? Or do I overestimate him? Does he truly anticipate my reasoning? I do not know. I must be extremely careful in future conversations with him.


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